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Whole House Water Filtration System

Aquaproo offer a wide range of residential and commercial Water Filtration System. Aquapro Water filtration System remove chlorine and other chemical tastes, odors plus dirt, sediments from city water. These filters will improve the taste and smell of your water, and remove a wide range of other trace contaminants as well. Great tasting, refreshing, and hydrating water from every faucet...

Sand - Carbon - Jumbo - Multimedia Filtration System

Multimedia - Sand Filter. Media Filtration is the most effective method for removal of suspended organic and inorganic solids from water.
The media filters operate on the same basic principle as nature's own ground water filtering process.
Contaminated, unfiltered water enters the system through a deflector in the top of the.

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Multi-Media Carbon Filtration System

Multi-Media Filters (MMF) are an efficient, economical method for removing suspended solids from a waste stream.
In low TSS streams, they can be used for primary treatment.
They are an excellent method of secondary treatment after a primary treatment such as an inclined plate clarifies.

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Big Blue Jumbo Filter

Model No: AQF-2050

In/Outlet: 1'' & 1-1/2''
Cartridges Size: 20''x4.5
1) Filter Cartridges: 5 Micron
(2) Filter Cartridges: Carbon Block
(3) Filter Cartridges: 1 Micron

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